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Integrated Solution

We offer a wide range of governmental solutions (Oracle, SAP …etc.) for small, medium and large organisations.

We provide complete solution for monitoring roads and highway’s. In addition to fleet management and electrical vehicles.

We offer a wide range of smart phones application and tablets. We are supporting all platforms and brands.


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computer-based training, is a type of training aid which allows students to learn by executing special training programmes on a computer . CBT contain information, presentations and special animations that helps the trainee to understand and learn in more attractive manners, instead of using actual media or 2D training aids. The CBT has become more effective in the learning environment because the CBT program can be integrated with others applications in the computer so that the element of sound and animation helps the trainee to explore and gather the knowledge, not only with their natural thinking but also through their senses as well.

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Green Solutions

We offer a wide range of green solutions for Cities, Buildings and airports through the integration of information and interface and through the automated operating system. We also design and implement all kind of energy save products. Below are some of the solutions we provide :


Green Building Management Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions

Electrical Vehicles Solutions

Parking Management Solutions.

“ Comtech Integrated Solution (CTIS) approach is to an active, independent and trusted technology, identifying practical and feasible solutions, tailored to our clients needs. Our client satisfaction